Domestic Violence Safety Plan 

If you are in a situation of domestic violence, it may be helpful to create your own safety plan. Making a safety plan enables you to plan ahead and may help you keep a clear mind when violence arises. It's a way to plan on ways to enhance your personal safety increase of violence and in case you decide to leave. Please remember that domestic violence always involves a certain degree of danger and it is important to remain aware of that danger.

• I can keep a bag ready and put it________________________ so I can leave quickly.

• I can tell_____________________________about the violence and have them call the police when violence erupts.

• I will use this code word code______________________________for my children, friends, or family to call for help.

• If I leave my home, I can go (list four places): ___________________________, ____________________________, ________________________, or ____________________________.

• I will leave money and an extra set of keys with ____________________________.

• I will keep important documents and keys ________________________________.

• I will open a savings account by this date_________________________________ to increase my independence.

• The domestic violence Crisis Line is ______________________________.

• I will check with______________________ and ____________________ to know who will let me stay with them or who will lend me money.

• I can leave extra clothes with_______________________________.

• I will review my safety plan every __________________(time frame) in order to plan the safest route.

• I will review the plan with ___________________________ (a friend, counselor or advocate.)

• I will teach my children how to use the phone to make collect calls to me and to _________________________(friend, family, minister) if my partner tried to take them.

• I will tell the people who care for my children who has permission to pick up my children. My partner is NOT allowed to. Inform the following people:







• I can tell the following people that my partner no longer lives with me and that they should call the police if he is near my residence:


Church Leaders__________________________________________________


Prepare the following documents to bring with you. (If possible, make copies of them and leave them with friends or family you can trust.)


• Identification

• Birth certificates for me and my children

• Social Security cards

• School and medical records

• Driver’s license and registration

• Welfare identification

• Passport(s), Green Card(s), work permits

• Divorce papers

• Lease/rental agreement, house deed

• Mortgage payment book, current unpaid bills

• Insurance papers


Additional items you may want to bring with you:

•  Address book

•  Pictures, jewelry, items of sentimental value

•  Children’s favorite toys and/or blankets

•   Money, bankbooks, credit cards

•  Keys – house/car/office

•  Medications

•  Change of clothes


What do I do next ?

Wesley Shelter is dedicated to providing the answers and support you need. Call our main crisis line at 252-291-2344 for anonymous help or advice.

Thank You to the Family Violence Prevention Services Program, US DHHS, and NC Council for Women for financial support.

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