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Agresión sexual y violación

Que es

La agresión sexual es cualquier contacto sexual no deseado o atención sexual cometida por la fuerza, amenazas, sobornos, manipulación, presión, trucos o violencia.

Incluye violación e intento de violación, abuso de menores, incesto y acoso sexual.

How much do you know about human trafficking?

La agresión sexual es un crimen aterrador y a menudo brutal

Los agresores pueden ser extraños, conocidos, parejas actuales o anteriores, amigos o familiares.

La violación ocurre cada seis minutos en los EE. UU., Según una investigación del FBI

La violación es un crimen de violencia, ira y poder. No está motivado por el deseo sexual. Los violadores utilizan la violencia sexual como arma para controlar, humillar y herir a sus víctimas.


Domestic Servitude is a form of human trafficking and forced labor where the employer uses force, fraud, or coercion to maintain control over the worker and to cause the worker to believe that they are not free to leave their employment and is abused and underpaid, if paid at all.

Nunca es el

Culpa de las víctimas

Definición de agresión sexual

El término agresión sexual se refiere al contacto o comportamiento sexual que ocurre sin el consentimiento explícito de la víctima.

Algunas formas de agresión sexual incluyen:

  • Intento de violación

  • Caricias o toques sexuales no deseados

  • Obligar a una víctima a realizar actos sexuales, como sexo oral o penetrar el cuerpo del agresor.

  • Penetración del cuerpo de la víctima, también conocida como violación

Definición de violación

La violación es una forma de agresión sexual, pero no toda agresión sexual es violación. El término violación se utiliza a menudo como una definición legal para incluir específicamente la penetración sexual sin consentimiento. Para sus Uniform Crime Reports, el FBI define la violación como "penetración, por leve que sea, de la vagina o el ano con cualquier parte del cuerpo u objeto, o penetración oral de un órgano sexual de otra persona, sin el consentimiento de la víctima".

¿Quiénes son los perpetradores?

La mayoría de los perpetradores son personas conocidas de la víctima. Aproximadamente siete de cada 10 agresiones sexuales son cometidas por alguien conocido por la víctima, como en el caso de violencia sexual por parte de un compañero íntimo o violación por un conocido.

How Much Do You Know?

Knowing the facts about Human Trafficking can help prevent and identify victims

​Test your knowledge by answering these questions then hover your mouse over or click on each question box to reveal the answer

True Or False


Human Trafficking is always a Violent Crime

Human trafficking is not always a violent kidnapping like you may see in a movie or show- it can look like coercion using financial threats, tricking victims with false promises, or verbal threats.

Multiple Choice

D. All of the above

Human trafficking victimts are targeted by:

A. Strangers


C. Family Members

D. All of the Above

Many Victims and Survivors are trafficked by someone they know like a spouse or relative

True Or False


Human Trafficking can happen in Wilson, NC

Human Trafficking can occur in any location- Rural, suburban, or Urban as well as poor, middle class, or upper class areas Including Right here in Wilson.

Multiple Choice

B. Different

Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling are: 

A. The Same

B. Different

 “Trafficking” is based on exploitation and does not require movement across borders. “Smuggling” is based on movement and involves moving a person across a country’s border with that person’s consent in violation of immigration laws. 

True Or False


a person who consented to enter a country illegally can no longer be considered a victim of human trafficking

If a person agrees to enter another country  through human smuggling but is then deceived, coerced, or forced into an exploitative situation they are still victims of human trafficking. 

Multiple Choice

D. None of the Above

In order to be considered Human trafficking a victim must: 

A. Cross an international border

B. Cross a state border

C. Cross a County Border

human trafficking does not require any movement whatsoever. Survivors can be recruited and trafficked in their own home towns, even their own homes.

True Or False


Under federal law, every minor induced to engage in commercial sex is a victim of human trafficking.

Under U.S. federal law, any minor under the age of 18 who is induced to perform commercial sex acts is a victim of human trafficking, regardless of whether he or she is forced or coerced.

Multiple Choice

C. Report it!

If I think I have identified a victim I should: 

A. Go talk to them

B.Confront the trafficker

C. Report it to the police

D. All of the Above

Report the tip sharing what signs you have identified and descriptive information about the victim. Confronting the trafficker or the victim could put everyone in danger and only trained professionals should intervene. 

Anchor 1

True Or False


All Human Trafficking 

Involves Sex

Human Trafficking can also include Forced labor occurs when individuals are compelled against their will to provide work or service t

Multiple Choice

D. All of the above

Which Indutsries Does Human Trafficking Occur?

A. Sex Workers

B. Restaurants

C. Home Care (ie. Nanny, housekeepers, etc)

D. All of the above

Human trafficking is not limited to sex workers or underground/illegal industries. 

Restaurants, cleaning services, construction, factories, farm labor and more have been reported and prosecuted for human trafficking

True Or False


Only Immigrants are victims of Human Trafficking in the United States

Anyone regardless of race, age, nationality, gender or sex can be a victim of human trafficking.

Multiple Choice

D. All of the Above

Which of the following is a type of human trafficking?

A. Forced Labor

B. Sex Trafficking

C. Domestic Servitude

D. All of the Above

There is a common misconception that human trafficking always involves sex or only involves sex, but human trafficking can also come in forms of forced or coerced labor. 

Page Sources: The Blue Campaign

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